Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nairanetworks?
Nairanetworks is a digital multi-level & Online business training platform created for EVERYONE to make money online in Nigeria.
How do i register?
Click on signup or register. You will need a sponsor name (username) of an existing partner to register. If you click on a partner link, this part will automatically fill itself. You need to upgrade your account before you can benefits from this program.
How do i pay for account upgrade?
You shall receive a welcome email with account details for payment immediately after sucessful registration. After payment send your payment notification to info@nairanetworks.com with your username.
What is my benefit if i upgrade?
You shall be activated on the matrix for a potential earning of over N48 million naira and also get instant access to the online business training provided on this platform.
What makes nairanetworks different from other networking business?

Nairanetworks is affordable unlike other you pay 3 times the amount to join.

You will get instant access to download wealth creation, internet and network marketting manual/ebooks worth N100,000

Members can register themselves through sponsor links without the help of a sponsor

If you can post anything on social media, then you are more than qualify to join.

member can communicate with sponsor within the platform

How do i get a sponsor name for registration?
Please click on contact us to contact any of our representatives nationwide.
What is Spillover?
Spillover is when your sponsor refer more than 2 people, the rest becomes your downline therefore allowing you to success even without referring anyone. Our system support upline spillovers and downline spillunders.
How much is the registration fee?

Registration feed is just a One-Time N3,000. No further payment is required. With this, you will automatically enter into the matrix, have access to your own referral link, training and free digital products.